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Rundugai Hot Springs

The Rundugai Hot Springs, also known as Chemka Hot Springs or Kikuletwa Hot Springs, located 35 km from Moshi, are a natural phenomenon of water gushing from underground.  They are unique springs of water oozing from underground, amid the arid and dusty depths of the Sanya plains, in the Northern Tourism Circuit of Tanzania. 

These enchanting springs are locally known as the Chemka Hot Springs. Chemka means, boiling in Swahili. However, the water is not actually hot. The name is on account of the way its bubbling waters appear as it gushes out from underground.  

Crystal clear turquoise water and the surrounding palm trees as well as the entangling roots of big figs add to the breathtaking beauty of the Rundugai Hot Springs. In some parts, the depth of the springs may be more than six metres but the water is clear such that the bottom is visible. 

The awe inspirating hot springs are perfect for swimming whilst the scenic surroundings are ideal for picnics and relaxation. Spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day are also breathtaking.

Unfortunately, due to the high fluoride content, the water from the spring is not used for drinking.

The plan is made under the assumption that you will be Moshi or Arusha towns. It is also perfect got those who are waiting for their flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport; it is located barely an hour from airport.

Accessibility to these enchanting springs is easy as they are located between Arusha and Moshi, a mere 26 km away from the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA).

Other than being absorbed in the beauty of the spring, visitors can enjoy some cultural tourism around Chemka, Kikuletwa and Rundugai villages. The blend of ethnic groupings add to the depth of cultural interaction.

Rundugai Village

Rundugai Village is a charming hamlet where visitors discover the authentic Tanzanian cultural heritage and create memorable moments that last.

Chemka Village

Kikuletwa Village

Rundugai Hot Springs Day Trip 

The day starts with a pick-up from your lodge and drive to the water spring. Located on the Sanya plains, the dry and dusty area; the spring looks like an oasis in the desert. Locally named Chemka, a Swahili word for boiling, because of how water appears as it emerges from the ground. In fact the water is not hot but rather warm and hence pleasant for swimming. The place is a nice viewing point for Mount Kilimanjaro and can be used as a picnic site as well.

Lunch will be bought and taken from local venders near the spring. Depending on your schedule, you will be driven to either airport of the lodge after profiting the water.

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