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Tanzania Offroad Trips Limited is a tour company based in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer unique, eco-friendly, and tailor-made tours which focus on the off-the-beaten-route itineraries. Our extensive safari and trekking experiences in Tanzania, as well as organizing national park safaris and our exceptional Kilimanjaro trekking record, ensure exceptional success and satisfaction for our clients amidst the country’s best tourist attractions.

Established by a team of vastly experienced local guides, we are a tour company, registered in Tanzania, with our headquarters located in the heart of the ‘Geneva of Africa’, Arusha.

As Tanzania Offroad Trips Limited, we provide our diverse clientele with authentic and unique ecofriendly tour experiences and tailormade, off the beaten route itineraries. We tread the road not taken!

Unmatched is our vast safari experience, gained through several years. We know and understand Tanzania’s best tour attractions and hidden treasures. We organize safaris to national parks in all the tourism circuits of the country.

As a company, we pride ourself on holding a remarkable record in Kilimanjaro trekking. Both our success rate and satisfaction levels of our clients ascending to the snowy summit of Africa’s highest mountain are exceptional.

Cultural tours are another aspect of tourism that we have perfected over the years as Tanzania Offroad Trips Limited. The cultural heritage of Tanzania is not only diverse but is also exceptionally rich. It is a country with over 120 tribes who live in perfect harmony despite their diversity.

Tours and vacations to the coastal zones, and especially to the breathtaking archipelagos of Zanzibar is also our area of specialization.


Our mission is to be a tour operator of choice that provide exquisite and unique tour experiences in Tanzania and beyond and positively impact the tourism industry as well as foster the conservation of nature and the environment.

Our quest is to provide an excellent expedition experience for each of our guests.


Our vision is to be the trendsetter in the provision of unique and authentic tour experiences in Tanzania and beyond the East African region by venturing into the uncharted aspects of some adventurous expeditions through innovative safari itineraries and activities, whilst observing strict adherence to the tenets of Eco-friendly tourism.

Redefining the Tanzania safari and unravelling the unknown is what we aim to be famed for as Tanzania Offroad Trips.

Competent, Committed, and Customer Oriented

Our vibrant team is highly competent, client-oriented, and also very experienced in the tourism industry. As a result of the team’s passion to provide matchless and memorable services, customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

Our team of field guides have specialist training and are also members of reputable associations in the tourism sector.

They are knowledgeable, greatly understand wild Tanzania, and are ever glad and prepared to share knowledge with our esteemed customers.

At Tanzania Offroad Trips Limited, we have unique tour packages that accommodate nearly every budget category. We always strive to provide the optimum experience to our clients.

Tanzania Offroad Trips is affiliated to Safarigo and SafariBookings.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced and highly effective members who are passionate with their work. This team will ensure you full realize your dream through exceptional services.

Robert Mutai Director and Safari Guide

Renatus ISHEMO

Renatus ISHEMO Safari Guide


Frank Masonda Safari Guide


Robert Joseph Mountain Guide


Thomas Mollel Safari Guide